Interested In Joining Us?

In numbers there is strength. With that in mind if you are a Christian woman who would like to make a difference in the life of children in need in our community, please consider joining our chapter. We are over 200 women strong and accept new members during the month of September every year.

We have two levels of membership: Active and Supporting. For an active member, dues are $65 per year, and there is a 40 hour service requirement. Our "year" runs from September through May, and there are many opportunities to volunteer. We hold three general meetings per year, several social events, and two major fundraisers. Our Supporting membership is open to those women who may like to share in some of the events, but cannot commit the 40 hour service requirment. Each September, prospective members are invited to an informational meeting. Membership applications are taken through October 1st of each year.

We hope you will consider helping us "pull the red wagon" to help our Toledo Children. For further information please fill out the form below including your name, email, and a short message to our membership committee.


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