The Red Wagon Award -- an Award honoring members who have made a significant contribution to the Chapter. This award is typically awarded at the Red Wagon Luncheon each fall.

 Jane Larsen       Fall 2016                Julie Taylor                  Fall 2006                                    Karen Smith         Fall 2015                Carol Koury                Spring 2005                          Terri Mohler          Fall 2014               Darla Hamstreet         Spring 2005                                Nancy Smythe      Fall 2013                Rosine Sobczak,OSF   Fall 2004                                    Lucy Abu-Absi      Fall 2012               Nanette Cheezak         Fall 2004                                  Jan Purinton         Fall 2011               Kathy Bixler                 Fall 2004                                   Mary Lindquist     Spring 2011           Corrine Welch             Fall 2003                              Linda Graham      Fall 2010                Jackie Bass                   Spring 2003                            Sue Kertz              Fall 2009                Pat Stichter                  Fall 2002                                Sue Savage            Fall 2008                Marilyn Reilly              Fall 2002*                                 Betty Pizza            Fall 2008                Arlene Florian              Fall 2002                                  Linda Pawlecki     Fall 2007                 Barabara Sommer        Spring 2002*                          Gay Deiger           Fall 2006                                                                                                        * Deceased               

The Barabara Sommer Memorial Award  -- Barabara Sommer was a beloved member of Christ Child Society of Toledo from 1995-2003. Barb was very organized, a retired school teacher, An knitter extraordinaire! She chaired our layette program for several years and started our Angel layette program in September 2001. Barb knit as many as 75 sweaters a year for the Layette program. In her honor, we framed one of the last sweaters she knit, and it hangs in our space at the Mercy Professioal Building. This award was established in 2004 and honors a new member who has made a significant contribution to the Chapter. This award circulates and is given at the Spring Closing Luncheon in May.   

   Gayle Vonderembse                      2016                       Gerri Kruszynski     2008                                Linda Justen                                 2015                       Candy Sturtz           2008                                Jill Kelly                                       2014                       Sharon Henning      2007                                Connie Fields, Mary Beth Krebs  2013                       Cecile Bennett         2007                                Beverly Porter                               2012                      Marilyn Arbaugh     2006                                  Judy Keller                                   2011                       Ann Welly               2005                                Teri Giacci, Pam Mahaney           2010                        Mary Bell                2005                                Mary Lee Treeter                          2009                       Edythe Wingerter    2004


The National Red Wagon Grant -- The Christ Child Society of Toledo was the recipient of the Red Wagon Grant from National Christ Child Society for our Parenting Today's Kids program. This award recognizes this Chapter program for being a Child-centered service project of exceptional quality.

S.A.V.E. Award -- “Science Alliance for Valuing the Environment”  The Christ Child Society of Toledo received the 2017 Eco-Community Award from Lourdes University. Our partnership with S.A.V.E. at Lourdes University has contributed to Life Lab walls, helped with classes, and cookie-baking for the annual Santa and the Animals.